Giving Love to Get Love and Fall Class Offerings

I’m back from vacation and re-adjusting to ordinary life (I have to admit that I am maybe missing the weather and delicious fresh produce on the mainland). We spent a glorious couple of weeks helping our friends get married and the wedding got me thinking about the exchange of positive energy between people- loving kindness, metta, maybe my favorite idea.

Our chakras emit energy as well as take it in, and likewise our whole selves both send and receive words, feelings, messages, to and from one another and the world at large. The great thing about this is that we can both give and receive love an watch as it grows and expands the more we do so. As you give your loving kindness to others, you receive that energy in kind and are yourself nourished by the act of giving. A pretty good argument, I think, in favour of loving your neighbour.

Here’s a small metta meditation you can try anywhere, anytime, to feel these warm fuzzy effects:

Get comfortable, wherever you are. Close your eyes and take a few breaths to arrive inside yourself. Picture a swirling, green light at the centre of your chest. This is anahatta chakra, the heart centre. See the light growing larger, getting brighter, until it encompasses your whole body, your spirit, all of you. See it especially bright around those parts of yourself that you may send negative thoughts or feeling to at other times. 

Then visualize this light surrounding a person you love- a partner, parent, child, dear friend. Watch as they are bathed in the green light emanating from your heart.

From here the light moves to all those dear to you.

Then to those you do not know but who effect your life somehow- the people who grow your food, sew your clothes, people who might use the things that you make. See them, too, in the green light that comes from your heart.

Then those people who cause your difficulty or pain- extend to them the light from your heart, too, and see them in its radiance.

From here your light moves to cover all of creation, the whole universe; that which we know and tat which we do not know, all enjoying the bright, green light from your heart. 

And see yourself inside this light, both giving and receiving of your metta, your loving kindness, whole and perfect with all of creation.

When you have finished this visualization, sit and enjoy the vibration of your meditation for a few moments before carrying these sentiments with you through your day.

I’m delighted to announce a couple of new classes coming up this fall; I’m joining the staff at one of my favorite local studios, Nova Yoga, ( and will be there Tuesday mornings at 9AM and select Fridays at 5:30 PM. Beginner Yoga Wednesdays at 8:30 at the Yoga Kula Co-Op starts up again on September 2 and my new Mom-and-Baby series at Kula starts September 29! Lots of excitement on the go- email me at for details.

You can also now follow me on Instagram and Twitter @hopeyoganl!


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