Savouring the journey

YTT certificateSo this happened on Sunday. After a whole year of hard work and lots and lots of learning, we all celebrated this achievement together. I’m so grateful I got to share that time and those experiences with such a wonderful group of human beings.

All this got me to thinking about how much of our lives we spend in anticipation; a lot of us, myself included, were feeling a lot of conflicting things as our teacher training came to a close. Happiness, excitement, yes. But a little sadness, too, that the journey was over. We pursue goals to get to an end point, sure, but there is great value in staying present through the transition from one point to the next. As I write this, I’m nearly seven months pregnant. It has not been the easiest pregnancy, and part of me really would like this baby to be out of my body and in the world like, yesterday. But on the other hand, this moment in my relationship with that little soul is no less huge and amazing than any other moment will be. So, in spite of how I might not be feeling the best, I am pouring all my energy into loving every little wiggle I feel in my belly.

Often when I’m teaching, and especially with new students, I see yogis rushing from one asana to the next, as though the practice is a series of dots rather than a linear process. The moments between poses are still poses. The spaces between inhales and exhales are an important part of pranayama. There is so much for us to learn in these in-between moments if we only tune in and listen. We spend so much time waiting to be somewhere else that we may fail to notice the beautiful place we already are.

Take a moment to sit comfortably and take deep, even breaths. After tuning into the movement of the air into and out of your lungs, bring your awareness to the short, natural pause at the top of your inhale, and the bottom of your exhale. Without extending these pauses (especially if, like me, you’re pregnant, or if you have any blood pressure issues) stay with this mediation for a few minutes, savouring the journey from fullness to emptiness and back again.


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