Yoga with Baby

At nine weeks, life with this little babe is getting more fun and cool all the time! With that said, my practice now has to accommodate a tiny person who wants to be in my arms always. As usual, my tiny teacher is challenging me to adapt, so I thought I’d share a couple of fun mom-and-baby pose adaptations here-

Navasana: seated with the soles of the feet on the floor and baby reclining against the thighs, hold the backs of the thighs and raise the toes off the floor. Keep the ankles moving toward one another, drawing in and up through the core. Keep the spine long, and make eye contact and smile at your baby! Keep the hands to either side of your little one to support her and keep her safe. To come out, bring the toes back to the floor and relax on the sit bones.

Baddakonasana: seated, draw the soles of the feet together, heels as close to the pelvis as feels comfortable. The baby can sit in your lap with her back against your belly. Inhale to draw up from the sit bones to the crown of the head and allow the knees to drop out to the sides.

Down dog/plank/chateronga dandasana: Lay the baby on her back on the mat. Come to hands-and-knees with your face over hers. Place the knees just behind the hips, wrists under shoulders with fingers spread wide and rooted down into all ten fingers. Curl the toes under, straighten the legs as much as is comfortable, tone the core slightly and send the chest back toward the thighs. Gaze down at your sweet baby. Then draw the shoulders over the wrists and the low ribs and hip points closer together. Hold here for one full round of breath, then inhale and bring the knees to the floor. Exhale, bend the elbows and come down to give your baby a kiss! A few rounds of this is wonderful for rebuilding strength after pregnancy and birth.

My Mom-and-Baby class starts Tuesday, May 12 from 1-2 PM at My Happy Place, 705 CBS Highway in Kelligrews. For more info contact me at


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