Changing Practice (and spring classes!)

And then I didn’t update the blog for three months- oops! I had to go have this baby. Ruth is nearly seven weeks old now, perfect and fierce and hungry. It’s amazing how a person who weighs eight pounds can take up so much space in your heart and brain and life and bring so much joy just by existing. I am trying to meet the ever-changing challenges of new motherhood with gratitude and openness. There is so much to learn.

This whole beautiful process (though I admit it did not always feel beautiful) has changed my practice- first accommodating my pregnant body, then days and days of malasana, baddakonasana and seated meditation during early labour to try and encourage her out into the world. Now I am learning the needs and capabilities of my postnatal body and fighting the urge to judge it. It isn’t easy. It may be more difficult to pop up into sirsasana, and I may struggle to love the softness that has come into once-defined parts of my body. But I have to appreciate that this body is no less valuable than the one I lived in before. Likewise,  the yoga practice that honours this body is a different one, but it is no less beneficial. Accepting the self and the practice  as they are in each moment is as much a part of yoga as any asana. The poses, the body, the mind are all different each and every day. Honouring and accepting this fluidity is the key.


I start teaching again at the end of this month. I’ll be resuming my two classes at Kula, mixed yoga Mondays at 5:30 and beginner yoga Wednesdays at 8:30. Stay tuned for a mom-and-baby class in CBS coming in May!

Also I’m excited to be offering a Rock ‘N Roll Flow workshop Saturday, May 2 at 1:30 pm. It’ll be a fun, energetic flow with some classic tunes and healthy snacks to follow. The cost is $20, with all proceeds going to help out the folks at the Refugee Immigrant Advisory Council with their #saveriac campaign.  RIAC is a great organization that provides much-needed assistance to newcomers in our community, so come have fun and give them a leg up!



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