New Moon, New Growth

I used to be a skeptic. I only believed, I would declare, in what could be seen. All that religion, folklore, superstition was just a bunch of hooey.

Youth sometimes breeds arrogance.

As I’ve grown older and let curiosity guide me deeper into study about these things, I’ve learned that a lot of ancient wisdom reflects or has predicted modern scientific thought about ways the world works, and indeed that there are things yet unexplained by science. My yoga teacher training included some lessons on quantum physics that really blew my mind- check out this video about the double slit experiment– an excerpt from a piece called “What the Bleep Do We Know?” which is a valid question.

All this is to say that while you may discount the horoscopes in the newspaper as foolishness, there is an undeniable effect of our rotation in the universe on our physical and mental states (um, seasons, anyone?). As we head into a new moon cycle, it’s a prime time to consider this. Local astrologer and awesome human Elodie Miaow of 9th House Astrology put me in mind of this with her fascinating post about using the phases of the moon to your advantage. The new moon is a time of renewal, of burgeoning growth, which is also true of the coming of spring. Which makes it also an ideal time to consider what we want to manifest in our lives- what do you want to invite in? What do you want to dedicate your time, energy and love to?
Consider spending some real time and thought on this. Begin with a pen and paper. Write a handful of things that are awesome, because it’s always good to start with gratitude. Then move on to what you want to manifest, grow and embody. Finish by identifying a few things you could or should let go of or do without. Finally, y. This is a great practice to take on as the natural world gives us natural points to consider where we’re at in our lives- moon cycles, changes of season. Let me know what you come up with.


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